What kind of life ?
What kind of life ? was part of a BBC series for schools and colleges called "Television Club". In it, the band Gift are playing in a youth club, only to have a young lad, Brian, reluctantly propelled towards the stage by his friends. The band let him jump up with them, then, surprised and impressed by his singing, they offer to take him on as a vocalist. Brian then visits the band in their cramped digs, seeing and hearing first hand just how far from glamorous their lifestyle truly is. He subsequently agonises over the choice in front of him - a stable but unremarkable 9-to-5 job as an apprentice, or the tantalising, but elusive, possibility of fame and fortune.

The soundtrack featured the band-penned track Celestial Plain, later to become the B-side of their first single.
Many, many thanks to Andrew Swift for passing on the information on this lost treasure from the past!
"Do you know...With a Little Help from My Friends? By The Beatles?"Brian on stage with GiftThe band table (some things never change!)
"Just think, Al... one day we'll have a secretary to write these letters.""Hey, how about some food?"
Burnt toast for tea!"That's the crunch, Brian. You'll have to give up everything. Your home, your friends, your family... This whole town. Everything you've known since you were born."
"You flog yourself from nine at night till four in the morning. You get so tired, it hurts to keep grinning.""It's not just a job you're taking, it's a way of life. Can you live for music alone?""I'll let you know by tomorrow morning..."
What kind of life ?
Written by: John Tully
Designer: John Stout
Incidental music: Jonathan Cohen
Film editors: Michael Mauger, David Stocks
Film cameraman: Phil Law
Producer: Dorothea Brooking

Charles Bolton (Brian)
Elizabeth Bradley
John Baldwin
Ian Ellis
Hugo Keith-Johnston
Robin Davies
Arthur Wild
Gregory Monroe
Jane Anthony
Victoria Maddern
Will Stampe
Julie May
with The GiFt as themselves

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