The Musical Express
This was one of the ads which appeared in magazines such as Beat International and Melody Maker throughout 1973, featuring Blackfoot Sue with the Mercedes van called The Musical Express, proudly lauded as "a bright comfortable pad on wheels"!

David recalls an early morning trip out into middle-class suburbia for the photoshoot, with some undoubtedly bemused residents wondering who on earth were the hairy lot with the big van parked outside their house!

The band, of course, actually travelled in a car to and from gigs, while the van was driven by someone else, usually Des! - and in fact they had so much gear that it took strategic packing with almost mathematical precision to fit everything inside, something that Eddie proved the most talented at.

Alan and Tom would quickly lug their gear out to the van and dump it ready for Eddie to pack, then head straight back in to the bar. Meanwhile, David would be dismantling the drumkit, often only to be distracted from the task at hand by some girl he was chatting up!
The Musical Express
 Left to right: David, Eddie, Alan, Tom