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 2017: The Albums: box setThe Albums - box set - Blackfoot Sue
At long last has come the re-release we've all been waiting for. All three Blackfoot Sue albums have been reissued as a box set: Nothing To Hide, Strangers and Gun Running. Gun Running now has an actual sleeve, comprised of the original track listing; the three CDs are also accompanied by a handsome booklet packed with sleeve notes, press clippings, photos, and a comprehensive singles discography. It's getting rave reviews in all the music mags - what are you waiting for?! Released by Cherry Red Records (GLAMBOX163).

Nothing To Hide box set reissue 2017Gun Running box set reissue 2017
From Viva Le Rock magazine, April 2017
June 6, 2014Talk Radio
Here's the big news: at long last, the Blackfoot Sue album

  Talk Radio has been re-released!

Talk Radio was first released in the 1995 by the reformed Blackfoot Sue, featuring founder members Tom and Dave Farmer alongside younger brother Gary, with Steve Turner on lead guitar, this is the first time the album has been readily available worldwide.

Take a look here for the track listing.

As some of you may be aware, these tracks were later repackaged in 1998 into the album Red On Blue, but both albums were on limited release and have become more and more difficult to find. Until now!
May 26, 2014
Here's another long lost gem - the Liner filmclip for Keep Reaching Out For Love from 1979, featuring Eddie Golga on lead vocals, and David Farmer on guitar!

It's not the Top Of The Pops filmclip, which was recorded but never aired, thanks to an electrician's strike at the BBC, but just as good, if not better!

German TV to the rescue again - most surviving footage of the band has come from there rather than the UK.
September 14, 2013
There was a great treat for Blackfoot Sue fans this past Saturday, when Eddie Golga joined his former bandmates Tom and Dave Farmer on stage for an entire Cry Wolf gig at one of their favourite venues, The Windsor Castle in Carshalton.

Click on the arrow button at left to watch a snippet of the band playing Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb.

Better still, if you want to see the boys live in action, Eddie will be playing with them again this coming Saturday (September 21, 2013) at The Admiral Nelson in Whitton. For more details, visit the Cry Wolf website.
More Edge March 22, 2013 Running Hot
And more good news about re-releases: this time it's Outside Edge.

Specialist AOR reissue label AOR Heaven have re-released Running Hot and More Edge in Europe. Read the reviews, or better still, go and buy them!
March 17, 2012last bit of kit
Possibly the last bit of original kit still in use...
Retired last night from active gigging.
Singles CollectionMay 24, 2011
Here it is! Here's a sneak peak at the new Blackfoot Sue CD,
due for release on June 20, on Cherry Red Record's the 7T's Records label.

Here's the track listing, and you can buy it here: Cherry Red Records.
April 22, 2011Blackfoot Sue at The Cavern
As spotted on the BBC recently, during a documentary on The Cavern Club in Liverpool... a poster on the wall listing coming attractions, with the legend, "THE CLUB THAT PRESENTS THE TOP ACTS FIRST".

A big thank you to Steve Strongitharm for snagging this screen shot!
March 2, 2011
Happy Birthday Tom and David Farmer!!
And here's a very special treat, thanks to Gary!
January 5, 2011
Happy birthday, Alan Jones :-p
October 4, 2010
Happy Birthday Eddie Golga!
September 11, 2010
Happy Birthday Pete Giles :-)
September 8, 2010
More revamping work. I've combined the track listing into the discography and added more info and pictures. Enjoy!
August 21, 2010
Even more of a revamp to Biography part 2.
July 10, 2010
There are new photos in the Outside Edge section of the website. Just scroll down a little to see them...
May 3, 2010
The track Drowning In A Teardrop / Teardrop (from the bootleg CD Call Me) has been released on CD as Drowning Man by Munich's Hardest Hits. The track is on Volume 10 of their ongoing project to release the very best of melodic rock to the world.

Though credited to Outside Edge, this track is actually by the 90s lineup featuring Tom, David and Gary Farmer and Steve Turner (which would ultimately record and perform as Blackfoot Sue).

Here's a wav sample to whet your appetite!

For more information, see
December 22, 2009
MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone. Keep rocking and we'll see you in 2010!
December 3, 2009
Here's another chapter in the history of the band: Liner on Top Of The Pops with You And Me.
October 26, 2009
Hurray, the filmclip of my favourite Blackfoot Sue single is back on YouTube: Sing Don't Speak!!!
And, of course, there's recent footage of Cry Wolf too.
October 4, 2009
Happy birthday and many happy returns to Eddie Golga!!!
January 18, 2009
We did it again! Blackfoot Sue reunion, plus webmaster:
Blackfoot Sue and me, 2009
David Farmer, me, Eddie Golga, Tom Farmer, Alan Jones... the one and only Blackfoot Sue!
August 21, 2008
Given Gary Glitter's current escapades, Glittery Obituary has never been so apt. WAY ahead of their time, Blackfoot Sue!
August 17, 2008
The Blackfoot Sue timeline has been updated and consolidated into a single page - the reason for having separate pages has well and truly gone!
August 7, 2008
I've added the lyrics of the whimsical and gently autobiographical Moonshine, the final Blackfoot Sue single, released in 1975. One of the long lost tracks from the album, Gun Running.
April 17, 2008
There may be a bit of disruption to access to the Blackfoot Sue website over the next week or so. I am moving the site to a different hosting company after 3 years. Bear with me, things will be up and running as expected before you know it!
January 11, 2008
Fantastic to have Eddie Golga and Alan Jones along to tonight's Cry Wolf gig. It was a great night, and lovely to catch up with Alan again before he heads back off to Australia.
October 3, 2007
It really does exist. After many years of searching, without ever really giving up hope, today I finally received a copy of the third and widely rumoured to be non-existant Blackfoot Sue LP Gun Running. Believe me, it's real. :-)
February 7, 2007
I've added the lyrics of Outside Edge's single Heartbeat Away to the lyrics page.
January 13, 2007
History was made tonight - for the first time in 30 years, the original four members of Blackfoot Sue took to the stage together. Photos
December 28, 2006 - January 29, 2007
Yes, there was another pilgrimage. This one was rather special, for all kinds of reasons, not the least of which is that the original four members of Blackfoot Sue took to the stage together for the first time in many years (see January 13, above).

The trip diary still needs some more updating, but a girl can only get through so much, and my life is in a state of upheaval right now. Normal coverage will be resumed ASAP!
September 5, 2006
Here's another lovely blast from the past - the filmclip from Blackfoot Sue's second single, and my personal favourite, Sing Don't Speak. Enjoy!
July 19, 2006
I've added some advertisements from International Musician magazine to the Blackfoot Sue equipment page.
July 11, 2006
I've reworked the Blackfoot Sue gig review from September 16, 1972, from Dreamland Cinema, Margate.
July 10, 2006
Here is a fantastic contribution from 1974. Many, many thanks to Tom Ross for sharing this recollection of a memorable Blackfoot Sue gig and the accompanying poster, and apologies that it took me a while to get to it - there's been a lot going on!
July 9, 2006
Here's my latest project: a photo montage page of Outside Edge.
June 2, 2006
On Friday, June 2, 1972, Standing In The Road was first released. 34 years on, here is a most amazing find - thanks to Gary Jordan, here are stills from Blackfoot Sue's performance of Standing In The Road on German TV show Disco 72. How fantastic is this? A huge thank you to Gary, who is keenly campaigning for more 60s and 70s pop footage like this to be released from the vaults so that fans can once again relive these precious moments! To view the clip in its entirety, click here.
May 17, 2006
I've updated the Blackfoot Sue album track listings - the releases are now in chronological order, and I've added details on the recently discovered bootleg that is labelled Call Me. The irony is is that this CD is named after a track with the wrong title - Call Me is in fact Angel. Not forgetting that it's also not Outside Edge... Thanks to those eagle-eyed people who spotted it, and let me know, especially Manfred who sent scans and the correct track listing!
May 11, 2006
Well, there's one way to get over the post-trip let down: don't even try. Luckily for me, I got to indulge my passion for music last night by seeing the legendary Deep Purple. Hmmm, didn't I see two of these guys on stage at the Royal Albert Hall a little while back? It was fantastic, probably the best gig of theirs that I've ever seen - well, apart from having seen Ritchie play with them. And in a nice little twist, they played 2 Cry Wolf tracks as their encore - Hush and Black Night.
April 16, 2006
In the last few days a bootleg CD has appeared on the internet, purporting to be Outside Edge, called Call Me, with a line-up of Tom Farmer, David Farmer, Eddie Golga and Pete Giles, supposedly dating from 1988, and with cover art (probably lifted from this website!) of both that line-up and the latter one including vocalist Colin Peel.

What it actually is is a demo recorded in David's basement by the line-up who went on to record Talk Radio / Red On Blue, that is, Tom, David, Gary Farmer and Steve Turner, the nineties incarnation of Blackfoot Sue. No, the band had no idea it had seen the light of day. The songs titles aren't strictly accurate either...

The scan is thanks to Manfred!
March 21, 2006
I drafted in Alan Jones' help to figure out the missing bits of the lyrics of Celestial Plain and (at last!) Bye Bye Birmingham. Thanks!
December 23, 2005
Alan Jones and I had our traditional pre-Christmas get-together in the city of Sydney, where it seemed there were a remarkable number of talented guitarists busking! After dinner down at Circular Quay we wound up at the beautifully refurbished Marble Bar, a Victorian pub faithfully rebuilt to all its 1893 glory, where a barefoot band played everything from the Beatles onwards, reggae style!
December 22, 2005
I've added a page of stills from the children's TV drama What kind of life ? in which the pre-Blackfoot Sue band Gift played a starring role, as themselves!
October 27, 2005
The Blackfoot Sue home page has been updated. This one's for you, Tom!
August 25, 2005
Great news from back in Australia - Alan and his daughter have won their respective football grand finals last weekend - congratulations to the Jones household!
August 16 - September 28, 2005
Back in the UK again, and another trip diary is born.
August 8, 2005
For those of you wondering what Alan Jones gets up to in Australia:
Shots from the semi-final on Sunday... Gymea United won 3-2! (Alan Jones is number 10.)
June 2, 2005
As Eddie has reminded me, this is the 33rd anniversary of the release of Standing In The Road! Party at my place!
May 19, 2005
VROOM VROOM... what a fabulous number plate, but it's $400 annually!!!! Perhaps AFTER I win the lottery.
May 12, 2005
I've replaced the graphic of the Outside Edge album Running Hot with the UK LP cover - the photo on this one is NOT obscured by over-printing.
April 27, 2005
It's been a little quiet lately, but there's a new find - a 6 track 7" 45 rpm promo by Liner!
April 10, 2005
Another jam with Alan, though he was doing most of the playing, including not only playing the left-handed "Scorpion" Washburn upside down, but also taking on my Rickenbacker, and playing THAT pickless and upside down! We still argued about the tuning on the B-string though...
March 2, 2005
I'm continuing to add anecdotes to the Blackfoot Sue biography / history pages, including Aggro in Ireland and Arrested at Heathrow. Keep checking those pages, there's still more to come.
February 14, 2005
Why have I got a great big grin on my face? Because I FINALLY have a copy of the first France-only, Outside Edge album. A whole album's worth of new songs is definitely cause for celebration!
February 8, 2005
Still tidying up code, revamping the sitemap, adding more detail to the trip diaries, and finishing off the last few gig pages, before I plunge in to another round of extending the biography / history pages.
January 31, 2005
You've probably already seen it, but the Blackfoot Sue intro page has been updated :-)
There's also a lot of work going on on the biog pages, including streamlining the code, adding info and adding clearer copies of the original pictures on the pages. It's a lot of work, but I'm really pleased with the results.
January 21, 2005
I'm starting work on the new material and adding it to the website. Check out the band biography part 1 and part 2 and see! Keep coming back, there'll be more all the time. I thank David Farmer from the bottom of my heart for entrusting me with his personal collection of memorablia and making this possible.
January 10, 2005
There are steady additions occuring to the website as I delve into the treasure trove of archive material I have been given access to, and much more to come.
January 5, 2005
I've added some stills from Liner's appearance on Top Of The Pops, performing You And Me.
November 9, 2004
Here's a nice one - the Japanese picture sleeve issue of Liner's Keep Reaching Out For Love. It seems that the Liner album was called Dream Liner in Japan.
October 10, 2004Alan Jones, 2004
A jam session at home with a special guest on guitar...
October 2, 2004
A new Blackfoot Sue page - details of their equipment as reported by Melody Maker in mid-1973.
September 19, 2004
A bit of extra detail on the creation of Standing In The Road, and a fair bit of aesthetic editing all over the place.
August 31, 2004
The full page ad from Melody Maker for Get It All To Me has been added to the lyrics page.Alan Jones, Villa shirt, and Washburn G-3V
August 18, 2004
Some extra graphics of Liner records have been added to the Discography.
August 11, 2004
Extra nav buttons have been added to the lyrics and album tracks pages, and pictures of B.C. Sweet and Skeleton Crew have been added to the biography.
July 23, 2004
Here's a really interesting find: a CD called Outside Edge - In Concert. It's great!
P.S. the finger is healing - I can't use it, but it's healing :-)
July 18, 2004
It's bitterly cold outside, but my plans for an early tea and settling down with a cosy computer were thwarted by the lid of a can of vegetables slicing deeply into my finger - after a trip to the hospital, a lot of blood and three stitches later, I'm back home... after a bonus tetanus jab into the bargain. No bass playing for a while. In the meantime, I had come up with a nice 3D effect on the banner and navbars - bloody finger withstanding, I'll roll it out to all pages tonight. :-) (Glad I did that BEFORE the anaesthetic wore off...)
July 10, 2004
Lots of edits have been made to the formatting of the Blackfoot Sue / Liner / Outside Edge biography pages one and two, including the addition of an image of a promo tape of the then unnamed third Outside Edge album, later called More Edge.

Speaking of, another review of More Edge has also been added. Just think how different things might have been if this album had been released at the time...
July 1, 2004
Everything is now running on the new host - the new domain is officially live:- !
June 28, 2004
At last! I've found a new guestbook for the website. It's free, so there are pop-up ads, but it's a huge improvement on the Yahoo guestbook, which cut the entries short! Check it out: the new guestbook, or better still, sign it!
June 20, 2004
A bit of fun from 1973 - The Musical Express - Blackfoot Sue's "bright comfortable pad on wheels" !
June 6, 2004
I've added the lyrics of Celestial Plain to the Blackfoot Sue lyrics page. An early example of Tom Farmer wit :-).
June 5, 2004
I've lucked out on finding out a lot of the Outside Edge tour dates in 1986, supporting Manfred Mann. See the Timeline for details!
May 10, 2004
Advance notice of a change to the website URLs! Apologies to everyone who has hit the website only to encounter a message saying that the site has exceeded its alloted data transfer! Moves are afoot to relocate the sites from Yahoo! to a dedicated domain - please stay tuned! In the meantime I'm revising design and colour elements and also adding in new information.
May 7, 2004
Having survived my first week back at work, I have a free weekend now to really get stuck into the website, though the gig pages may be inconsistant in design for a little while longer while I work on finishing them off.

In the meantime, a fanfare: I now (finally) have a picture of Gift, thanks to Gary!
January 10, 2004
A new year, a few cosmetic changes, a new slogan, a few updates to the discography, and some valuable additions to the band biography, thanks to Budgie!
December 21, 2003
A few additions to the discography - Liner and Outside Edge.
November 21, 2003
More new pages have been added: Blackfoot Sue gig review(s), and an Outside Edge album review.
November 16, 2003
A new page added: Outside Edge gig reviews.
October 15, 2003
A new Cry Wolf page has been created - Meet the Band, the generic footer has been modified, and a footer bar for Cry Wolf developed.
October 13, 2003
I've added photos to the BFS biography page, as well as detail on Gun Running and The Seasons Suite - yes, at last!
October 9, 2003
I've redone the Blackfoot Sue title page - with the same elements, but far nicer :-)
October 20, 2003
The Cry Wolf website was officially launched today!
October 6, 2003
Many additions and revisions to the band biography: Gift, Blackfoot, Liner... and Cry Wolf, of course!
August 30 - September 30, 2003
Now I've gone and done it - booked my flights to the UK, my first holiday for 6 years. Click here to read my trip diary.

I managed to catch 7 Cry Wolf gigs while I was there, and it was just great. This picture is from my final gig at The Six Bells in Brentford, on September 28th.
July 20, 2003
I've finally added an intro/title page, and resurrected the guestbook, by popular request!
 David, Gary, me, Tom, Pars 
July 19, 2003
I received this email today:
Super Seventies Classic Award Congratulations, your website has been awarded the Super Seventies Classic Award! This award is presented to those cool Seventies music and/or culture sites which feature superior editorial and design content.

The link back to your site from our Super Seventies Classic Award page ( has already been activated. Congratulations again on a job well done on your great Blackfoot Sue site, and enjoy your award!


Dennis McGee, Webmaster
Super Seventies RockSite!
July, 2002 - the genesis of this website...
It started more by happenstance than design. I had just completed work on the web interface of a new Library Catalogue, a task I had unexpectedly ended up with after displaying my prowess with HTML during a training session... (that'll teach me to show off by turning the system's background bright lime green!). For my next project, I decided it was time to expand my newly acquired web skills, and it was easy to select a topic - the then-mysterious band Blackfoot Sue, whose two UK hit singles I had fallen in love with a few years before. I hadn't been able to find an official site for them, so I thought it would be a neat way of pulling together my meagre collection of information and seeing if I could "read between the lines" and fathom the full story of the band.

I did a bit of work on it, but then stopped when I got busy with other things. It wasn't until I checked back a few months later that I discovered that, some way or another, people were actually finding their way to the site, even though I hadn't finished any of the pages nor even submitted it to any search engines. Time to pull my finger out and get working!

I steadily pieced it together. There were a few clues here and there: in the liner notes of the CD reissues, and in magazine articles, but the trail went cold around 1998, despite the wonderful album Red On Blue being released that year. So where had they gone?

Finally, after some deep trawling on the Internet, I found them... well, Tom and David Farmer at least. To my delight, I discovered that they were still gigging - in a band called Cry Wolf, along with their younger brother Gary, who had also been a member of the Blackfoot Sue line-up which had recorded Red On Bluf the band. There were a few clues here and there, in the liner notes of the CD reissues, and in magazine articles, but the trail grew cold around 1998, despite the wonderful album Red On Blue being released that year. So where did they go?

And then, after some deep trawling on the Internet, I found them... or Tom and David Farmer at least. To my delight, I discovered that they were still gigging - in a band called Cry Wolf, along with their younger brother Gary, who had also been a member of the Blackfoot Sue line-up which had recorded Red On Blue.

Then they found me... Alan Jones, holidaying with his cousins in Spain, was told they had been reading about him on the Blackfoot Sue website, to which the response was, "What Blackfoot Sue website?" Alan told Eddie Golga, Eddie contacted the twins, and then I was contacted by them — and the rest, as they say, is history!

Any comments, corrections, additions, or just wanting to get in touch?
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