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Review by Thorsten Giemsa, webmaster of www.melodicrock.de
(Original in German, English translation by Thorsten Giemsa)

Holy Moses, that's the definition of AOR/Melodic Rock! For me personally the best album I have ever heard, I know it's a dangerous statement, but to be honest, I have never heard such a good record before. Perfect production, perfect songs and if it would be possible I would give the CD 11 from 10 points! About the songs: The Opener, it's a Midtempo song, "Shooting straight from the heart" will let you foresee which magic this album have, the song begins slowly and melancholic and it ends with hooks you can't believe. If you think the Opener of the album will be the best song you are definitely wrong, the record will be better from song to song. Especially the Keyboardparts are amazing, like known from Giuffria in combination with the unmistakeable charisma of the lengendary FM. Hear only songs like "Guilty" or "Frozen Rain". Sell all your privat things including your house and car to buy this amazing masterpiece...