Eddie Golga
 Tom Farmer
 Alan Jones
 David Farmer
 Lead guitar, vocals    Bass guitar, lead vocals    Rhythm guitar, vocals    Drums, vocals
Eddie Golga   Tom Farmer and the red Rickenbacker   Alan Jones  
David Farmer and Ludwig kit
Eddie Golga throwing shapes on his Fender Telecaster Tom Farmer and the "fireglo" Rickenbacker, one of the first to be imported into England Alan Jones and one of the battered acoustics, held together with gaff tape David Farmer and the gold sparkle Ludwig kit
Fender Telecaster with maple neck, leather scratchplate hand-tooled by Seymour Duncan;
Gibson Sonomatic strings;
John Grey five-string banjo,
1 x ER 100-watt WEM amplifier
4 x 12" Fane speakers
WEM Copicat echo unit
EKO Ranger 6-string acoustic
Rickenbacker bass;
Rotosound heavy-gauge strings;
1 x 100-watt WEM bass amplifier,
4 x 12" Fane speakers
Fender Telecaster with maple neck;
Gibson Sonomatic strings;
Fender Telecaster with rosewood neck (spare);
1 100-watt WEM amplifier,
1 x WEM Super Starfinder cabinet
4 x 12" Fane speakers
EKO Ranger 12-string acoustic
Ludwig Super Classic drum kit:
22" bass drum
14" snare drum
13" & 16" tom-toms
Paiste 18" & 22" cymbals
14" hi-hats, Rogers fittings
pair of Natal congas
Star sticks reversed & the tips cut off
♫ Melody Maker published these details in mid-1973
 PA system and other gear
 16 channel stereo Midas mixer6 x Martin bass bins
 2 x 600-watt Midas power slavescontaining JBL speakers
 2 x Midas 100-watt monitors6 x Martin High Frequency Horns
 Meazzi Echo unitcontaining JBL speakers
 Revox tape machine15 Shure microphones
A Meazzi Echo unit, unusual due to its 7 recording heads, identical to the one used by Blackfoot Sue, and integral to the creation of the "whispering chant" used on Standing In The Road. (with thanks to Eddie Golga!)

This is as sophisticated as special effects got back in 1971. No fancy digital electronics, no special effects pedals…
Check out Blackfoot Sue's
"bright, comfortable pad on wheels"
The Musical Express

Blackfoot Sue also appeared in International Musician magazine in advertisements for various sound systems - including audio engineer Claude Venet's "Mi" branded amplifiers (above, dating from October 1973) and the Vitavox Thunderbolt (below, dating from 1975).

EKO Ranger 6 stringBlackfoot Sue and Vitavox
The 6-string EKO Ranger acoustic,
used on Nothing To Hide, innumerable song-writing sessions, and "millions of gigs!" to quote Eddie Golga!
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