Blackfoot Sue
Here's a great email I received a short while ago, which I've reprinted in its entirety. Many, many thanks to Tom Ross for sharing this gem! If only that cassette hadn't been lost...
I found your website a few weeks ago, and found it rather interesting.

You see, I was in the Royal Navy in 1974, and we had Blackfoot Sue play a concert on our Ship! (a large camp, but it was called a Ship!) The Entertainment Committee (of the Tiffy Club) usually ran an "end of term" Disco, which was free to the local females, but they voted to have a Rock Group (just for a change!)

I actually recorded the gig on a mono cassette recorder, but it was lost. I managed to grab one of the posters, and I have scanned it for you to have a look at.

I remember they had a fantastic light show, with the group silhouetted against a haze of background lighting, during the 1812 epic. The Girls, all geared up for a Disco, stood looking around in a state of

The group also played Bye Bye Birmingham, Sing Don't Speak and of course Standing In The Road. I didn't recognise any other songs.

All the Sailors enjoyed the Gig, but it was rumoured to have cost the Tiffy Club (which we were all members of) a whopping 600!

Best wishes..........Tom Ross

Oh, one final point, they were LOUD!