Blackfoot Sue
Opening their act with Messiah, the band were slow to communicate with [the] audience, but with the drive and enthusiasm this band generates, everybody soon warmed to them.

Continuing with Cry Baby Cry*1, and Now We Are Three, it became obvious this is no 20-ton heavy band, but a group well capable of presenting the mellowest of songs and the hardest of rock, all beautifully connected.

Lead guitarist Eddie Golga is an exciting exhibitionist, as good to listen to as he is to watch, whilst Dave Farmer lays down some solid drumming. All were superbly displayed during Massambula Queen*2, a heavyish number built along the lines of Black Sabbath's 'Paranoid'.

Closing their set with 1812, things got uncontrollably wild with feedback, a peel of churchbells and all four guys hammering on David Farmer's drum kit.

The audience were determined to have more, so the band came back and did an acoustic version of Standing In The Road after which they fled the stage, chased by fans.
*1 a Lennon-McCartney cover
*2 This is one of the lost Blackfoot Sue tracks, never released on vinyl.  David Farmer says in fact that the track was not at all like 'Paranoid'.

Review by Michael Benton, from Melody Maker, September 23, 1972